My immigrant story

This picture showed my immigrant story. I came here from Vietnam with my whole family one and a half years ago. Then I start Brooklyn International High School, in here I learned a lot of culture and languages from other students in a one of the community. Also, I got a chance to know many immigrants people story from different countries. Learning from other people is really helpful for me to improve my English and about knowledge society. For me, Brooklyn International is the big family. The place that makes me think about safe, love and study. Something that's important to me in the picture is my English was improve a lot after I try to read book and writing in my new language. Also, I wanted to study more about English grammar and more vocabulary. Something else, I would like to learn in the future is music on the guitar and piano. I will try hard to learn by practice every day.

Place(s): Vietnam,
Year: 2015

– Tai

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