Secretary's Desk

Antique Secretary's Desk
Antique Secretary's Desk

When I would go over to my Grandparents house I would always play with this little desk that stood in the corner of the living room.It always fascinated me because of its many hidden drawers and compartments.I had always loved the Nancy Drew series and had acted like a detective and would get my grandparents to put little notes in there for me to find.When I got older and asked about the origins of the desk my grandma blew it under the rug.I shrugged it off as I walked away wondering why she wouldn't talk about it.A few years later she told me the origins of the desk.Her Grandmother had brought it over from Europe when she moved here.It had been in her family for years back and she had to hold onto it.It was one of the only things that made it over to America.They chose to move to America because it was the place of dreams of hopes and of Freedom.They had made the rash decision to move here for their safety for new opportunities and for a chance in a new world to redo the past.She hadn't told me where it came from because a little after that her Grandma died and passed it to her mother and now its in her care.The desk represents everything that they left behind to come here and everything they hoped would come when they did make it.

Place(s): Gainesville GA,Europe,America

– CL

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