My ID from my High School is significant ID for me because bring a lot of memories. This ID is a piece of plastic with a green color on it and description of my name, age and course level where I was. It has a photo of me that I look younger than now, also my face look skinnier than now. I have long hair, I wear a blue t-shirt and I smile. This ID is same of others but this ID remind me of the most special moment, events, that I lived with my family and friends. It so special because at that time I feel confident with my self and support for my family. I brought this ID to the United States because I thought it is the only simple card that I can see in my hands in open ups millions of feelings. When I was in the Dominican Republic I usually sat in a little chair of my room and I took out my ID for remember those day in high school. When every day I had to go to school and share with all my friends many of funnies story of our life. I felt this way after finished High School because I wasn’t with my family. I started go to many cities for baseball reason. Also, my brother and some cousin were in the same High School so I felt all the time in family. In contrary, this country make me feeling lonely with nobody with me, everyday have to work with many responsibility on me. This situation makes me depressed sometimes. The only thing that I carry on my wallet and can make me reminds the old days in High School is my ID. Moreover, this ID is a power on me.

Year: 2012

– Reynaldo Dominguez

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