Out of my 16 years of living you would never expect this piece of porcelain to have so much meaning to me. The object is a mug and it can be used for consuming beverages usually tea, coffee , etc.. I do not recall the original origin of this object but I got it from my grandmother's house. A few years back my father gave me this mug and I've been using it ever since. I usually use it whenever I drink tea. It is important to me because my father actually introduced and got me into drinking tea. We would always make tea together and drink tea frequently. This mug eventually became one of my favorites. I always used the same one because I loved the shape and design so eventually he gave it to me. My grandmother also always grew mint leaves in her backyard and we would boil the tea freshly from the leaves. Therefore, mint soon became my favorite type of tea. So this mug really connects to the culture of me and my father bonding and drinking tea. Events wise this object also connects to Christmas. Every Christmas morning my family and I drink hot cocoa before opening presents. The mug radiates a feeling of warmth and comfort. In a sense this relates to me culturally because it does remind me of Christmas morning and how my family and I celebrate and host Christmas at our household with a bunch of friends and relatives. The feeling of family and comfort.

Year: 2000

– Khyara Minott

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