My Grandma's home town

My Grandma's home town
My Grandma's home town

My grandma lived in a town by the beach like in this painting. It’s only a three minute walk to the beach. The butcher, baker, bar and market are also close. It's a small town and you know everyone there. Every day in the market there's seafood like shrimp, oysters, clams and tuna. 
My grandmother makes the best seafood piria it's full of flavor, shrimp and rice. In Spain every meal has a lot of food and it is amazing. My grandma's old school is really small. I don't know the exact size but it is small.
The painting is of a town called Fan cha delechus, where my grandma lived. Even though it's cold by the sea, sometimes the water is not warm but at least it's not cold. The view is beautiful on the day the sun shines on the water and the water is like a mirror reflecting so beautifully. My mom got this painting for my family and it is perched on the T.V rack

Place(s): Spain

– EB

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