My grandads projector

This is a photo of my grandads projector
This is a photo of my grandads projector

what was the first movie theater in Yemen?The first movie theater and your man was created by my granddad  in the early 1950s my grandad came across his old friend in Yemen and they hung out all over Yemen and then the decided to come to America where there technology was much better than Yemens so they found this guy in the airport with a projector my granddad was beyond amazed and the guy was like do you guys want it then they said yes we'll give you all we got then they bought it then they came all the way back to Yemen and they were using it at night and they watched and watched and watched until a bell went off in their head to make yemens first ever movie theater so they purchased a small house and filled it with c  people and Yemeni people could not believe their eyes they charged people money and they made sooo much money from it the movie they kept watching was about a girl that lived in the desert with no food and no water and people felt bad and didn't know what acting was and they brang food for her a lot of food and they said give this to her please and everyday they left food and he and his friend ate all the food they got stuffed every single day .But recently my grandfather passed away and I Upset and I was looking through old stuff and I found a projector and he said that's how people watched movies back in the day and I said who's is it she said your grandad my eyes glowed and I amazed and told everyone the story and I wanted to share it with you.

Place(s): Yemen
Year: 1950

– Abdoul Ghrama

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant