My Fathers Sailboat "Akula"

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A sleek, white and blue sailboat
A sleek, white and blue sailboat

At least once a week my dad enjoys spending a relaxing but exhilarating day on the water. Whether he goes out with a friend, a family member, a friendly sailor, or even just venturing out alone, he loves it. “Akula”, that’s the name of my fathers beloved sailboat. A sleek, white and blue vessel, the model is a Ranger28 designed by Gary Mull and built by the Ranger Yachts in 1977. Although not a new boat by any means, it isn't how shiny it is or any fancy gadgets that captivate my dad’s heart. My dad is a true born sailor after all, he loves the sport as if it were his own. He came about this infatuation with the waters at a young age, making some of his fondest memories sailing in small boats on Lake Nubanusit in New Hampshire. No matter what form it took he was always on the water, either swimming or in a boat of some sort or another, but sailing was always his favorite. “Sailing provides me a sense of freedom, pride, danger, and competency as well as a connection to nature. I have always been attracted to the wind and sea and have been involved with many sports that are connected to one or the other. Those sports include sailing, sailboarding, and hang-gliding.” His dad taught him how to sail, how to love the fresh aroma of salt in your beard and the cool wet breeze that slaps you across the face every given chance. His dad put him in his element, and once he was there he never wanted to leave. My dad told me that if he were to be remembered as a legendary sailor, he’d want to be “Ol’ Sparky”, known to be able to grasp the wind in any situation.  Sail forth, Ol’ sparky.

Place(s): Lake Nubanusit, New Hampshire
Year: 1535

– Ever H

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