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Celebrating Mexican Activities
Celebrating Mexican Activities

My mother immigrated from Mexico to America in 2005 to get a degree in the food and beverage industry. She came to America because the economy in this country is better than the Mexican economy.  Her whole idea was to give my siblings and me a better life in the new country. She brought with her the love of games and cultural activities that existed in Mexico.  My mom remembers playing with her siblings, cousins and neighbors a whole lot of games throughout the day in their yards.  This experience has made me enjoy a few of the following activities as well.

Pinatas are used during Posadas.  Posadas are celebrations during Christmas time which lasts for seven days.  This is a time when families and friends come together and gather around in the living room and enjoy good food.  This is one of those times when I feel proud of my culture.  I am also thankful that my mother enjoys these moments and remembers to celebrate Christmas time with Penatas, each year because I get to know my Mexican traditions better and better as I grow up in this country.

One other game that I really want to mention is called Ollitos.  It is a game played by 6 to 14 years olds.  When my mom played this game in Mexico, she mentioned that a ball is used as a target. 

So, as I live in America, these games and activities will keep me connected to my Mexican traditions.

Place(s): Mexico
Year: 2005

– KG

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