My Families' Nisse

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My families' Nisse
My families' Nisse

My object is a Nisse, which is a Norwegian gnome that is used on Christmas. It is a tradition that is used in Norwegian households which is that you feed the gnome rice porridge every Christmas Eve. The gnome is made of yarn. In Norway, if you do not feed your Nisse the foods above, one of your cows will die in the middle of the night. It is 1 foot tall and 4 inches wide.  There are also Danish and Swedish Nisses as well.
I chose this object because I find a somewhat funny way to remind me of my heritage. It teaches me how my culture has some unique traditions that are only used in one part of the world. In 1894, my  great great grandfather immigrated from Norway to America, bringing the Nisse with him. His name was Alf Matthew Fosvig. He was a farmer and fisherman in Norway and did not know English at the time. He started his life in America with a low- paying job working in the railroad, eventually becoming an engineer. Every Christmas, Alf and his father would get evicted for a bad smell of a Norwegian dish. They took the Nisse with them every Christmas and never failed to feed it. It has been passed down to my grandmother and will be passed down to me. 
I wonder if my great great great grandfather talked to or played with the gnome. I am very happy that this object is part of my culture and family.   

Place(s): Norway

– TB

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant