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All the earrings that are special to me
All the earrings that are special to me

When I was little I always wanted to be like my grandma, she was and still is always wearing jewelry. Her favorites were her rings, but those didn’t suit me, they felt like they got in the way of simple tasks. However, everything changed when I was 7. I got my ears pierced and even though I was only allowed to wear studs I felt like I could really express myself. In fourth grade I got my first pair of dangly earrings and ever since then I have been collecting them, bigger and better earrings. My friends knew about my passion and gave me earrings for my birthdays, my sister made earrings for me by hand, and most special of all my grandma gave me earrings. Every year for my birthday we go shopping together, just my grandma, my mom and me, and every year we look for the best earrings we can find. It’s the highlight of my year. My earrings are really central to my identity, it’s how I express myself. When I was 12 I got double piercings and I love that I am able to express myself even more now. Most recently I got my best pair yet, my orange earrings, they are real orange slices covered in resin. I may have a lot of earrings, but I’m very selective when choosing them. I love the memories I make when I pick them. I don’t think I will ever stop collecting, but I think that's a good thing. I think everyone needs something to let them feel as unique and special as they really are, and I think whatever that is for you, take it and if you ever feel like you don’t belong, use it.

Place(s): Wisconsin

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