Gold Charm Bracelet

In Attire

My object is a gold charm bracelet that originally belonged to my great-grandmother. It has been passed down multiple generations, and a variety of charms have been added to the bracelet, all of them holding different stories. For example, one of the charms is a gold locket containing pictures of my great-great aunt and uncle, who even my grandmother does not know much about. Another one of the charms is a scarab beetle that we believed was used as a wax stamp. Some others include a ten dollar coin, a Cornell Sorority charm that belonged to my grandmother when she was in college, a locket holding a picture of my grandfather, and a charm with the letters of the ship that my grandfather worked on while he was in the Navy.  My mother was the one to originally show the bracelet to me, and my grandmother has been able to explain what she recalls most of them to of, but it is quite old, and she only know so much about it. The bracelet is a rather valuable object that belongs in my family, and eventually it will be passed down to me. When that happens, I hope to be able to continue to pass it down to new generations. 

– Gemma H.

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more