My Dog Roxxy

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This is roxxy in the car :)
This is roxxy in the car :)

This is my dog her name is Roxxy! She is a six-year-old English bulldog. Roxxy is very important to my family and me. Whenever I ever feel sad or upset, I play with my dog and she makes me feel ten times better. We got Roxxy when she was about 12 weeks old and we all instantly fell in love with her. She loves to play fetch and loves belly rubs! Roxxy is the perfect dog for me because she is so amazing to be around. She is calm and loveable and we consider her a member of our family. Even though Roxxy is very calm and loveable, I feel safe when I walk her alone because she protects me. Whenever I walk her and a stranger is next to me, she goes on the defense right away and starts to bark. Roxxy could spend hours on end during the day laying down around the house being chill. The thing I love most about Roxxy is that when I call her name, she comes to me and she is very obedient. One thing that is challenging about Roxxy is that she sheds a lot of hair, and both my dad and brother are allergic to Roxxy, so that really affects them. Luckily, my dad and brother have grown resistant to her shedding, so we got to keep her! Roxxy is such a big part of our family that during Christmas, she gets her own gifts too! We all love Roxxy so much and we can never imagine our life without her. 

Place(s): New York

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