The Breckinridge Shotgun

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Shotgun along with a pheasant
Shotgun along with a pheasant

This Breckinridge shotgun which was given to my grandfather by his dad is a Zephyr Woodland side by side shotgun.  This particular shotgun was made in Spain by Victor Sarasqueta a very fine gun maker.  The frame is made from silver and has an authentic blue finish.  It depicts quail game birds which are engraved on the side of the metal.  My dad handed this special Breckinridge shotgun to me after he realized I loved to go hunting with him each year.   It was given to him by his dad at about the same age as I am now, age 14.  This shotgun connects our family for generations with the opening of hunting season for birds and the love of being outdoors, which has been a family tradition going back for centuries.  Opening day of dove season is the first of September each year.  After that quail and pheasant season opens.  My grandmother and mom cook the birds and we have game night dinners.  This shotgun is important to me because it has sentimental value of being passed down in my family for generations.  It has been used by family members, some of whom I have never met.  This shotgun is a symbol to remind me of the fact that I love the hunting and family tradition that has been started and that I will get to hand this shotgun down when I have kids some day.  I look forward to carrying on this special tradition and family time together with my kids when I get older.

– Preston Breckinridge

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