My David Star Necklace

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David Star Necklace
David Star Necklace

This is a picture of my great grandma’s David star necklace.  That she gave to my dad then my dad gave it to me.
My dad's side of the family came from Odessa, Russia which is now a part of Ukraine. The necklace is a big part of our religion. But if  somebody saw it we would get sent to prison for a long time, so we decided to leave.  
But there were no direct flights to America so my dad had to stop in Austria then Italy and  more. We got the necklace in Italy because they did not care what religion you were. My family stayed for months but that was not the longest amount of time it was Serbia  because my dad's uncle got arrested just for being Jewish. So my dad  waited a year and my dad's uncle finally got out of jail. Then he went to America. My dad chose America because it was a free country. My dad was finally able to embrace himself . This trip  took 1 year and a half years. That is the story of how my necklace and my family came to be. 

Place(s): Russia

– JV

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more