Coin Watch

In Attire

In the early 50’s when grandfather was a teenager a magazine offered an incredible watch as a grand prize for a scavenger hunt. The prize was a watch, which was made out of a gold coin from the 1800’s. My grandfather struggled and did whatever he can do to win. After all his work he... did not win. But this was not the end for him. My grandfather told me throughout his life he wanted that watch, so he looked everywhere for it but it was to no avail. However, after meeting and marrying my grandmother, my Grandfather told her about the watch. my Grandma knew how much he wanted that watch. Then, my grandma talked to my Aunt, who was is a jeweler, and she found it. My grandmother jumped on the opportunity and bought it for him immediately. She then gave it to my Grandfather, who broke into tears because he finally got his grand prize. My grandfather told me it was almost 45 year after the contest but, he got it! My grandfather later passed it on to my dad, who will one day pass it on to me. My grandfather told me because he got the watch you should never stop believing, even if it is 45 years later. This watch represents a more than just a clock, it represents hope and taught me to never stop believing, no matter how much time it takes. 

– Andrew Badami

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant