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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

Throughout my family history, one of the main things we have shared is tackling daily challenges with hard work. Daily routines passed on from my mother to me have taken up an important part of our lives. My mother accomplishes the day by separating the mini jobs the day has for her and giving time to each job so she can conquer the day. My mother wears a watch that symbolizes the hard work she tackles from day to day. From going to work and accomplishing that job to coming home and accomplishing another job as being a mom, the watch helps her remind her of how to tackle time so she can work and provide. The watch was given to me so I can work as hard as she can to accomplish my goals throughout the day. From making the choice to want better for myself and to work as hard as she does. Putting the work in high school and harder work in college to provide for myself in the future the ways she provides for me now. Now that the watch was given to me I wear the watch not only to represent hard work but to represent how I separate time into the little tasks I complete throughout the day to get to my next step in life. Graduating high school and moving onto college, and then to my dream job. But always reminding myself how the hard work my mom does pushes me to do better.  

– Chyna

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant