My Cross

My cross
My cross

 Growing up in a Catholic family, your Mom and Dad choose you a Godfather and a Godmother when you are born. Our tradition shows that it's an honor and a great thing to take the role of a Godmother and Godfather. In the past generation of our family, our family usually got baptized at a young age although, what we believe in says it does not matter the age. I got baptized at 11 months old, which was normal for our family. The role of your Godmother and Godfather is to make a profession of faith, which means to make sure the child of choice is being taught what the Catholic Church believes in. It is also a tradition to be given a cross made into a necklace. It symbolizes that you are now a part of God. The cross gets given to you after you get baptized and it could have either been passed down, or bought new. My cross was not passed down, but bought in Italy in 2008, sometime in April. It's kept in my room, in the case that came with it. This object symbolizes my culture and Identity by showing that my family and I inherit what my great grandparents on both my Mom and Dad's side had religious beliefs from all the way back in Italy and Portugal. The cross symbolizes my family and I religious beliefs in Christianity. 

Place(s): Italy

– AK

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