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Chargers Shirt
Chargers Shirt

The Chargers Shirt       Sports rivalries are a huge part of my tradition. Basically this culture runs in my blood. In my family we like either the  San Francisco 49ers or the San Diego Chargers, and because of this there are rivalries between my family. When I was 7 years old I was given my first ever Chargers shirt. This shirt had been passed down in my mother's side of the family for a long time. I was living with my dad at the time who was a very big 49ers fan. One day I walked in the house and said “ dad look at my new shirt!” he tells me “ to take that trash off of your chest.” That night all I could think about was how my dad hates my t-shirt.  When your dad’s side of the family likes the 49ers, and your Mom’s side likes the Charger’s it gets a bit difficult on what you wear to certain events. If you were to wear blue and gold to an event that my dad is hosting on game day you are going to get made fun of because those colors don’t belong in his house. Same goes for my Mom’s side If you wear red and gold your going to get kicked out. When either family is watching football the game is ruined by screaming at the other team through the television. Now that I am older I decide what shirt I wear. 

Place(s): San Francisco, Napa, San Diego
Year: 1980

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