St. Dymphna Necklace

In Attire
Front-  St. Dymphna photo
Front- St. Dymphna photo

This necklace is very important to my family.  It has been in our family for so long that we have no idea who owned it before my great-great-grandmother.  We had the necklace looked at and the jeweler said that he has never seen anything like it.  On the front is a picture of a saint who lived in the 7th century.  She is the saint of anxiety, depression, the emotionally disturbed, and related mental conditions.  She is also the patron saint of incest.  I wont get into that whole story, but you can look up St. Dymphna on Google.  Her life was pretty interesting.  On the back is a small square of cloth from one of the dresses she owned.  That makes this necklace very unique because this could be one of the last things remaining of her.  The necklace, by the way, is passed down from mother to daughter whenever the mother thinks the daughter needs it most.  Like when she is really nervous about something.

– Alyssa Mejia

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