My Baby Blanket

Relationship: Im/migrant
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket

In 2002, a young woman became pregnant with me, put me up for adoption and months later, my mom came to the orphanage. When I ask her how she chose me, she says that when they put me in her arms, she just knew. At around 8 months she brought me to America, in this blanket that she brought with her. Now 16 years later I have gone back to Azerbaijan once. Going back was one of the most memorable experiences. I met amazing people and made a life for myself there. I now have people I can call family, while they aren’t blood relatives, they are my biggest connection to Azerbaijan. Going back and meeting amazing people was incredible, but most important to me was going back to the orphanage. Going back to the room where I stayed waiting for a family. I am incredibly grateful to both my birth mom and my mom. While I may not know the language, this blanket and my travels back to my birth country have made me feel connected not only to the country and its culture and people, but to my birth mom.

Place(s): Azerbaijan
Year: 2002

– Julia O.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant