Mint Julep

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A Mint Julep at a bar at Churchill Downs
A Mint Julep at a bar at Churchill Downs

The Mint JulepBy Will DuffyA mint julep in a Kentucky Derby glass at the (2017?) Kentucky Derby.
The Mint JulepThis is a mint julep. It is a traditional Kentucky drink, and is usually drunk at the Kentucky Derby and Derby parties across America. It consists of sugar, water, bourbon, fresh mint, and crushed ice. There is a version for kids that uses lemonade instead of bourbon. It is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, and it is so popular over 120,000 were sold at the 2022 Kentucky Derby on May 7th. That requires 10,000 pounds of Woodford Reserve bourbon, 1,000 pounds of mint, and a whopping 60,000 pounds of crushed ice.Why I chose the Mint JulepI chose the Mint Julep because it means a lot to me. My family has a Kentucky Derby party each year, and my parents invite all their friends. My dad always has to make the mint juleps, which he taught himself to do. It’s really fun, and during the Derby everyone has a mint julep in hand, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Fun FactsThree fun facts about Mint Juleps:One:Mint Juleps are so popular there is literally a Mint Julep Stakes at Churchill Downs, where they hold the Kentucky Derby. Two :There are two bourbon barrels for every Kentucky resident. Three: The word Julep comes from the Arabic word Julab.

Place(s): Louisville,KY

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