Puerto Rican corned beef stew

Puerto Rican corned beef stew :)
Puerto Rican corned beef stew :)

This is a Puerto Rican dish that my grandma used to make my mom and her siblings when she was younger. It's a corned beef stew that is put on top of rice. My grandpa came from Puerto Rico when he was 18. He was never a good cook, so when he met my grandma he told her the recipe so she could make it just like his mom did for him. When my mom was born, my grandma always made it for her and her siblings. As my mom grew up this was always her comfort food. When she was old enough, my grandma taught her and my aunt how to make it so they could make it whenever they wanted it. This recipe meant a lot to her, so much that when she had my siblings and I were born, she made it for us all the time so we could experience the comfort of the food that she experienced when she was younger.      To this day I always ask her to make this food for me and my family whenever I’m stressed or feeling down because the comfort this food gives me is like no other. She usually makes it for me in my birthday as well because she knows how much I love it. This food is so significant to me and my culture because it comes straight from Puerto Rico and it has so many memories and so much meaning behind it that show my background and where I came from. :) This will forever be my favorite food.🩷

Place(s): Puerto Rico / New York

– Genevieve

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant