Tres leche

One of my close artifacts is a dessert called tres leches and it is probably one of my favorites desserts and if not it is. Tres leches is a sponge cake soaked in three different milks with whip cream on top and a cherry to finish the look. This cake is probably one of the most famous cakes in the Spanish Caribbean, so many Americans probably know what this cake is since America is one of the most diverse places in the planet. Now let’s begin why this cake means so much to me. My dad is Dominican and every three years I would say me, my dad, and my mom visit his family in Dominican Republic. Every time we visit this country we always have a warm welcome and my family there always has food prepared for the first day we arrive. We enjoy famous foods like mangu, tostones, and have drinks like dulce de coco, morir sonando and habichuelas con dulce but the best part is the desert which is always homemade tres leches. Eating tres leches is not only about how great it tastes, its about how close are family gets when eating this amazing desert. When we start eating this desert are family gets pretty quiet and we all talk about are experience in America and what’s happen lately. We also share the good and bad and talk about the common struggles we have ben going through lately. Tres leche is not only a great desert it’s a warm homecoming with great stories to share in the family as a bonus.

Year: 1900

– Christian Molina

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