Bacon egg n' cheese

Bacon egg n' cheese sandwich
Bacon egg n' cheese sandwich

A Bacon egg n’ cheese is something you will find in every corner store in New York. Growing up as a young child living in Staten Island, it seemed as if I could never go without one to start my day. I still hold on to all the memories I have of my father coming home and bringing me one. Not only was it the joy of getting food but it was the appreciation I had for my father that makes me so attached to something so simple. I didn't always feel this way though and I didn't really get to appreciate what I had until it was gone. My father passed away when I was young and being that I was only five, I never noticed the absence of having a father figure until I got older. It seemed as if everyone had a dad they could talk about, but I could only remember bits and pieces of my dad since we spent so little time together. Instead of letting this get to me I decided to hold onto all the pictures we had and memories we shared. This leads me back to the Bacon egg n’ cheese. Something so simple as Bacon, eggs, cheese, and a buttered roll is a catalyst to helping me remember the man who gave it his all to make sure I lived a happy life as a kid. To this day, I can never forget the memory of waiting downstairs on the couch and seeing my dad walk in through the door, the smile on our faces, and the excitement and appreciation of a bacon egg n’ cheese.

Place(s): New York
Year: 2012

– Nate Singleton

Relationship:  Im/migrant who arrived as a child Im/migrant who arrived as a child