Mi Anillo y Mi Cadena

In Attire

The story begins with a ring and a chain that his mother gave to her before they separated for 4 years because she mom come to U.S for give her a better life. The trouble began when Paula came to the United States to be with her mother again since the problem started with the language and tranquility that provided its chain or ring touch when it came to speak English or try to understand the English in school. After that touching its chain or ring became a big problem because she could not speak English if she was not playing its chain or ring. It all changed when Paula realized he could not keep up with this problem because if one day he lost his chain or ring would have to get started again to lose the shame to speak English without the chain or ring. After that Paula decided to go away little by little from her ring and chain and trying to speak English without the need to touch the ring or chain. Finally The day came that she could establish a conversation in English without touching the chain or ring This object represents the great need of having her mother around since at the touch of your chain or ring felt like his mother gave her the courage to be able to speak English with no shame and no matter how bad spoke English.

Year: 2011

– Dionis Guzman

Relationship:  unknown unknown