Memories of my Grandmother

Relationship: Im/migrant

I am from El Salvador. This landscape is of El Salvador. I left my own country on December 11, 2017. My landscape shows many things important for my own culture also my identity. In this landscape I painted one church (Catholic) because this is my religion. I grew up with many traditions and I brought my traditions here. My painting shows many things, but the special elements in my painting are the canasta. This is the basket where my grandmother put the tortillas. Also she put some fruits and vegetables in there. Also my painting shows one little corn plant. This is so important for me because I was a farmer with my grandfather and we sowed corn and other vegetables and fruits. When I worked with my grandma, I cleaned the field after we picked the corn. When I came to the United States, my grandma stayed in El Salvador. Now in the United States, I remember my grandma and think about her when I see my painting.

Place(s): El Salvador, St. Paul
Year: 2017

– LEAP High School Student

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant