Handkerchief and ID card

Relationship: Child of im/migrant

One of my object is my father’s handkerchief from Pakistan. It is used to keep your face dry after a wash, before praying and eating. Even now, my dad uses it during prayers and before he eats his food. The other object is my dad’s ID card from Dubai. He uses it to show that he is a policeman. My dad said his police officer’s ID was an important object to bring from Pakistan, because he wanted a similar career in America, too.I chose these objects because these were the objects that my dad brought with him when he emigrated from Pakistan in 1999. These objects were also important to him because he continued to practice the traditions that he learned in Pakistan even in America. Now the traditions from his country has become a way of life in America, too. On the other hand, the police ID has helped him to begin a career in this country when he immigrated. That’s how these artifacts are have become important and useful.One half of my family originated from Pakistan. The other half originated from Trinidad and Tobago. I want people to know that holding on to one’s culture and having the freedom to follow one’s religion have become very important in our family. This country has given us the place to do so.

Year: 1999

– Safa M

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant