My Great-Great-Grandma's Bible

Great-Great-Grandma's Bible
Great-Great-Grandma's Bible

 A few years ago, I was given something that’s been in my family for generations. A Bible owned by my Great-Great-Grandma, Nancy Ellen Coldiron. She was alive in the late 1800’s and lived in Missouri. I was told she was also the first cousin of Frank and Jesse James, the famous outlaws. Most people would think, “Cool. It’s an old book.” But faith and Christianity are very strong in my heritage. I have so many fond memories of going to church with my Gramma, (Nancy Ellen’s granddaughter), her reading me Bible stories and teaching me about the Gospel at a very young age. It is incredible and very special for me to own this copy. It even has some of Nancy’s markings and notes in it. I look at it as so much more than just an old book. It’s history. And not only history, but my family’s history. It is a window into the past where I can picture Nancy carrying it to church on Sunday, wearing her nicest dress and all the men wearing fancy hats. Walking into a one-room church building in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Although the 125+ year-old book is falling apart and difficult to physically open, it’s something that I am going to keep in my family and use to tell my future children about God. And I hope it will continue to be passed down, so others can cherish and appreciate it. 

Place(s): Missouri

– Peri Toth

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