Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My name is Mengjing, and I am a Chinese. When I was thirteen years old, I came to America with my mom and my older sister. As an immigrant, not only learning a new language has been a big challenge for me, but also I have struggled to fit into a new environment. The first moment I got here, I really miss home and sad because I got no friends and my parents both worked so hard in order to support the family. However, after I went to school, I met a lot of new friends since we were all immigrant teenagers. One day, one of my friends invited me to a church for an event. Although I have no ideas what does church look like, in order to satisfy my curiosity, I went to church with her. The first impression the church gave me was that it was beautiful. The people in the church also looked very friendly and they welcome me as one of their family members. After several years I have been attend to Sunday services and bible studies, I decided to become a Christian and I am a first generation as Christian in my family because my whole family believe in Buddhism. The photo i have showed is my church, and it was the day I got baptized. 

Year: 2008

– Mengjing Gao

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant