Memories of My Childhood

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

  My story is held in what I called the computer room or my parents’ studies. Near my dad’s computer, he has a bulletin board. On that bulletin board are pictures that my dad has collected over the year. Mostly on that bulletin board are pictures of when my dad and mom would take to me to Chuck E Cheese. From one end of the board to the other, you’ll see photos of the many weekends we went to Chuck E Cheese. What makes this bulletin board special is the memories that are stored in these photos. My parents always tell me that I loved going there. Every weekend, I would beg my parents to take me and if they didn’t I’d start the cry. While many of the memories are foggy, I still remember how much I love this place as a child. I still remember the number of times I was happy there. I remember the prizes I would try the earn or how I would beg my mom to let me buy the strawberry shortcake ice cream from the vending machine. While I haven’t gone there in forever, time to time I look at the pictures and think back. I think about the happy memories of my childhood and how my parents tried their best to raise me in an American and Cambodian way.

– EP

Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant