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One would think that communicating through a language barrier would be close to impossible, but I, along with my grandmother, would be willing to counteract that claim. Many would refer to my relationship with my grandmother as unique due to the inability for either of us to comprehend more than a few words said by the other. This has been made possible through the importance of entertainment, such as games, in my family. As a result of being raised with little to no technology in the Dominican Republic, my mother and her ten siblings found a need for entertainment to get through the day. My aunts and uncles would play a variety of games, but the most prominent was Dominoes. As shown by the fact that it is in every one of their households, this game had played a massive role in the childhoods of my mother and her siblings. On every occasion that brings my family to the same place, the tile based game always seems to make an appearance. When playing, it is important that you and your partner are on the same page. Despite not being able to speak to each other, my grandmother and I are able to do this through subtle cues and gestures. This common love that my grandmother and I share has enabled me to grow closer to her than I ever could have.

Year: 1986

– Nick D

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