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Relationship: Im/migrant

My object is my skateboard. It represents my family culture because my brother skated before me, that is why I started skating. My family didn't migrate, but my dad came from Korea and my mom from Sweden. Where my family is from does not relate to skateboarding though, but where we live today does because Southern California is one of the most popular areas to skate at. My skateboard is important to me because I use it everyday to skate with my friends and to get around. Also skateboarding is my passion. I love to skate and make skate videos; therefore without my skateboard I would have nothing. A memory of skating is one day it started as a normal day with me and a friend going to skate Stoner Park and get Jersey Mike's sandwiches after school. We got off the train and skated over to Jersey Mikes. I went in and ordered the chipotle turkey sandwich, which is the best sandwich in the world. I got it and took a bite. It was so good with all the flavors of pickles, the turkey, the chipotle mayo adding some spice, and the rosemary bread. After I finished I walked out I started to walk to the skatepark when I realized I didn't have my board. I ran back to Jersey Mikes and got my skateboard. We went to Stoner Skate Park,  and I tried a really hard trick. I tried it for 45 minutes, and then I finally got it. I went to the train and made a video for Instagram. @Erik._.K

Place(s): LA

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Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant