two dollar bill

About 12 years ago, Jonathan my brother in law migrated to the United States from Central America. That first step in the airplane, that take off of excitement and regret could change a person’s life forever. Not knowing what awaits or the struggles you will face in order to be successful. Coming to the big city of New York from the Villages of Peru, is a big challenge when looking for jobs and not having the skills necessary. “I had to lie in order to find a job, I was too young and skinny, that’s why people didn’t hire me for a job.” Said Jonathan. However, that did not stop him there. He realized that no matter what job he would find, he had always imagined feeling the green money that he always dreamed of, and his first payment would be sent to his family back home. His boss gave him his first payment and two dollar bills and a note saying “Keep this two dollar bill in your wallet, and you will always have money with you.” Jonathan, until now he still keep the two dollar bill. After a lot struggles and discrimination of being unskilled, his life was much better than from the time he arrived in this country. He remembers that his mom always telling him “Después de la tormenta, viene la calma.” Which translates to “after the storm, comes the peace.” those wise words stayed in his mind, as a way to keep him focused and always do better. Jonathan, is a clear example of how hard work and dedication of an immigrant person can help them succeed in the United States.

Year: 2016

– Luis Ruiz

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