Photo Album

My sister came from Ecuador to United States when she was 18 years old, As many immigrants she came to seek for a better life and a better quality of education. Her family also came here without understanding the English language. She know how complicated could be to start a new life in a country where people doesn't speak the same language as her. But first she have to find a way to learn English and support her family. When she arrive to the airport she bring with her an appreciated photo album in which she reminds from where she came, she save on it the most precious memories. Life gives a new opportunity and she knows what obstacles are coming up, Language was a big obstacle so she start a work to support her family. She went to some places asking for free programs for learn english, but it was complicated, so she decided to go to the university and start from the beginning just taking a ESL program. She want to follow her dreams but also knows how complicated it could be. It’s not easy to move and change her life but that’s the new life that is coming. She take everything step by step just hoping to make it better. Now she still going to university to become a professional. She never give up and still learning and making the most effort possible and that's how she is a new person. She never forget from when she came and what is doing right now. Today she still going to the university just hoping continued and no stop on it.

Year: 2016

– Kelly

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