Soft cooked plantains
Soft cooked plantains

 Maduros are a very sweet dish made when you fry plantains. This dish is very popular in Latin America and the Caribbean. Because both sides of my family are from Latin America (Nicaragua) and the Caribbean (Dominican Republic), I have eaten and cooked maduros many times at both family gatherings or just for an everyday dinner. Anytime either of my grandmas is over for dinner or we go to their house they always cook maduros. My mom, wanting to make them more, learned from them a way to make them quick and easy at home and sometimes I make them. This dish helps connect me to my culture because my Grandparents on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family are immigrants from their respective countries. Every time I eat maduros I can remember my Grandparents that came to the U.S so that not only their children could live good lives but any family that would come after. 

Place(s): Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, United States

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Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant