My grandfather first came to the U.S. to work as a chef and cooked both American and Chinese food. After a while he then immigrated his children to the U.S. In China the tradition for women were to stay at home after getting the minimal education, get married, cook, clean, and watch after the children. When my family came to the US my grandpa told my aunt to go to work after high school to help with the household income instead of going to college because she was going to get married anyways and didn’t need that higher education. But because my aunt had assimilated to the American culture since she had been in the US since elementary school she knew education would have gotten her further in life, she did well in school and got into Barnard University. Although my aunt has assimilated to the American culture she still has the Asian culture in her roots. She still eats Chinese food such as rice that is a staple food in Asia. Food is what can bonds people of different cultures together and what brought my grandfather to the US in the first place.

Year: 1970

– RB

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