Luis diaz

This is a photo of my grandfather.
This is a photo of my grandfather.

A story of a poor beginning to a rich end in just two pictures. Papi luis, my grandfather, was born in the poor side of dominican republic in 1952. During that time, being famous was a dream, especially for immigrants but due to the racism and xenophobia, it was difficult for my grandfather but he didn’t give up, his inspiration was the american band ‘The beatles’ and so he learned how to write songs and play the guitar. Papi luis didn’t get any recognition at first but since dominican republic loved their culture so much, they listened to his songs more and he earned the title “The father of dominican rock”. Papi luis has made big hits such as “Ay ombe” and “Te Quiero”. Since i have never met him in my life, i asked my mother how he was like, my mother said “he was very kind with people and animals, he had a pet bird that would always sit on his shoulder” and even if i haven’t met him my mother also said that he would always hold me and never let go since i was his “terror chiquita” which means little terror in spanish but don’t let his kindness fool you, in 2006 he sued shakira for copyright in her song “hips don’t lie”, shakira used one of his lines in her song “baila la calle” without giving him credit, he won the case but still wished she could have credited him. Papi luis died in 2009 around his loved ones, he’s still the best today and was lucky everyone could hear his talent. 
year: 2012 

Place(s): Dominican republic
Year: 2012

– RS

Relationship:  Grandchild of im/migrant Grandchild of im/migrant