My Grandfather, migrated to New York City in 1978, with a fifth grade education. When he got here he met his Cuban friend, Mike, who had a factory that made kitchen and bathroom cabinets. My grandfather had no knowledge or skill before working in the factory with Mike. He learned everything he knows today by practice, no schooling. Mike taught him everything he knows till this day. Mike also had a lot of Jewish customers who would contract my grandfather to build and install the kitchen or bathroom cabinets where ever it was needed. This factory was located on Atlantic avenue in Brooklyn, NY. My grandfather worked in the factory from 1978 till 1992. In 1992 my grandfather met Nick, Italian, who owned an apartment building in Jamaica, Queens, and made my grandfather the super, while also working with him building and renovating houses in Mount Kisco, NY, from 1992 to 2003. While working upstate New York he met an Indian family in Peekskill, NY who use to contract him to work in their families houses in the area. On average my grandfather would earn between $2,000 to $4,000 Dollars per job, that would take him roughly 15 days. These tools have been valuable to my grandfather because it allowed to provided for our family regardless of his level of education. Of Course the money he made would seem like a lot, but paying bills in New York, supporting us, and sending money to his other daughters, including my mom,

Year: 1978

– Franklin

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