Relationship: Im/migrant
Honduran currency, called Lempira in Honduras
Honduran currency, called Lempira in Honduras

My mother lived with her Father and Step-Mother up until she was 13 in her home country of Honduras. At 13 years old she was forced to leave her home country because he father passed away from cancer and when he died her stepmother would not take care of my grandmothers kids and told her to pick up her kids which were my mother and my uncle, but my grandmother was living in the United States. Within days of my grandfather's death my grandmother came to Honduras and picked up her children. Luckily for my mother and uncle my grandmother was already a U.S. citizen so she was able to get visas and make them citizens very quickly. America was a place that my mother did not originally want to come to because she had to leave everything that she had known behind. When she arrived in America she did not want to learn English because she did not want to be here, when she was first put into school she was put in an English as a second Language class in middle school. The first couple of years were the most difficult for her. She had lost her father and it was very difficult to talk to her half brothers and sister back home, and found it very difficult to adapt to the new country. Something that my mother kept with her was a limpira coin which is still the currency used in Honduras today, it reminded her of her friends and family back home.

– Arthur Gonzalez

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant