Journal and Pen

This is a picture of my journal and pen.
This is a picture of my journal and pen.

 My journal is a small black book that I carry with me to most places I go. If I start to feel overwhelmed or like I just have something to get out, I write it down. My mom bought it for me a little before the pandemic started, and my sister picked out a special pen for me to use when writing in the book, it’s the only place I use the pen. Both of these things mean a lot to me because they are gifts from my family that I really value. They have been a comfort object to me during this time because it has provided me with a way to get out my feelings and express them, even if I don’t necessarily feel comfortable verbally saying them. It has just been a good way to try and cope with my feelings and maintain a positive and happy mentality when things started to get particularly tough. 

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