This is me rolling the lefse dough
This is me rolling the lefse dough

Lefse is a type of Norwegian flatbread. It was used the most by Norwegian sailors because it was easy to store and it can stay good for a very long time. My family and I make lefse every year close before Christmas. My family goes over to my grandma's house to make it. I am pretty sure she is the one who started the tradition in our family. After we make the lefse, we eat it warm with butter and sugar for dessert. We also have a blue chef hat that says lefse chef on it. And each year someone new gets to wear the hat. This tradition is important to my family for a couple of reasons. One is our family memories. We have been making lefse for as long as I can remember. So even if we aren’t in a good mood, we all get along to make lefse together. No exceptions. Also, making lefse is the only connection we have to our Norwegian heritage. We don’t really do anything else “Norwegian”, so it is important to keep this tradition going so we can keep our heritage bonds strong.  

Place(s): Norway
Year: 1986

– L

Relationship:  Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more Great-grandchild of im/migrant or more