When my dad came to United States of America on April,06 2007, he was 40 years old. He left all his family and children in West Africa Guinea because there were lot of fight and he’s not getting money that’s the reason he moved. When he came to New York City he didn’t know anybody, he doesn’t speak English. But he was ready for everything because he knew what he left back in his country. After two week he started working he were very happy and excited because he taught everything is going to be easy for him since his strong. He struggled a lot at the job because people yell at him, and curse him but he couldn’t say nothing because he doesn’t speak English. Whenever he get home he cried and thinking back about his family. One day a lady came to his work and see him upset ‘’She ask what’s the problem why are you upset’’. After my dad said what happened she said ‘’Don’t worry I will help you to solve your problem’’. The day after she bought a book for my dad she said ‘’This will help you to learn easier’’. Things started changing for him while reading the book.Later on he decided to quit his job and went to Catholic charities school at 56th street and 1st Avenue. He went there and had a special teacher who helped him a lot by giving him homework and books to read. This helped him a lot because it was his first time going to school in his life. This was the best experience he never had and he still like to read and write.

Year: 2007

– Binta Diallo

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