BEHR Truck

Relationship: Im/migrant

Immigration is a controversial topic that still exists in our society today. However, Mexicans who decide to come to the United States have their reasons for doing so, and my uncle was an illegal immigrant who truly achieved his American Dream before passing away. My uncle, like many others, lived in extreme poverty and began working at a young age in the fields to help support his parents and siblings. He was an extraordinary, hardworking man who hoped for a better and brighter future here in the US and that was his primary reason for migrating.  My uncle never learned English and became a powerful and wealthy man despite the language barrier. He started at the bottom and his first job as an illegal immigrant was working as a gardener, but fortunately, he got interested in the idea of buying trucks. He first bought a small truck, and when that went well, he bought more and more, until he began to expand his truck driving business. He owned several trucks that transported BEHR brand paint and through this business, he became extremely successful and was able to help out his family in Mexico. He decided to name his business Orozco and Son Transportation Inc.  My uncle’s life story can be seen as a “rags to riches” type of story and is an inspiration to many because he proved how anything is possible if you have an optimistic mentality and a strong work ethic.

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant