My Grandfather

Relationship: Im/migrant

My grandfather died in 1987. His picture is still with us wherever we go. He fought in a Iraqi war. He got killed by the Iraqi government because he escaped the war to see his family. This picture is what my mom is always looking at when she feels sad. It makes her feel better because she feels he's still around her. We all needed him, my mom said if he was alive today our lives may have been different. The whole family loved him a lot so when he died they all got sad and emotional.  We still follow his footsteps. In life he use to be a really successful man. I have never seen him in person, but I wish I could see him. My uncle is always talking about my grandfather and he always tell us the same things mom said. I really want to know him in person, sit down and talk to him about myself and how we went through tough times, and how I and my family ended up in this country with a lot of support and help. The family said I have his body shape but in a smaller way because he use to be big to the point that he had to bend to get in the room. He will always be in our heart. We always keep him in our prayers.

Year: 2015


Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant