Pathri Refugee Camp, Nepal

Relationship: Im/migrant
Pathri Refugee Camp, Nepal
Pathri Refugee Camp, Nepal

I am from Nepal. This is my landscape of ‘Pathri Camp’ in Nepal where I grew up and lived with my family for fifteen years. I went to school and helped my family with the farm. Each family in the camp had their own piece of land on the farm. We grew tomatoes, chilis, corn, beans, potatoes, and yams. In Pathri Camp, my life was good. The soccer field was nearby my house and I played every evening. I spent a lot of time with friends. We went to the forest to hunt wild boar and fished in the river near our village. My mom didn’t work but my dad worked as a farmer. He had a big farm near our house. I went to school until I was in 6th grade. Because we all needed money, some friends and I began to work manual labor jobs. I worked construction building houses, fences, and other construction projects. Me and the other laborers would work on construction for three months at a time. My mom stayed at home but my dad worked as a farmer at a big farm near our house. I drew this landscape because I like the memories of where I used to live.

Place(s): Nepal, Pathri Camp, St. Paul
Year: 2014

– LEAP High School Student

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant