This is a photo of a Krakow.
This is a photo of a Krakow.

KrakowBy Cynthia Sadowski
My object is a small wooden,fabric,string statue. It represents Krakow. Krakow's make stuff like wooden,colorful eggs and wooden pots! The wooden eggs are for Easter. You bless them and put the wooden eggs on the table and celebrate easter. Krakow does a  very old dance for Polish holidays and sometimes for celebrations. It's used for decoration sometimes and more!The object is called a Krakow. Krakow is from poland.
Krakow is important because it was the oldest capital of poland. Krakow teaches culture and if you got to old town Wawel Royal Castle there is where you will see the fire breathing Wawel Dragon. There's even interesting things you can see in Wawel Royale Castle that will teach about Krakow culture.
A fact about Krakow is that it never got destroyed in war.Krakow is the 3rd capital of poland!Krakow has good food too!
Fun fact: There's a man in Krakow who rides a fake horse and he has a stick with a red ball and when he taps your head gently with the stick with a red ball then you will have good luck!

Place(s): Poland

– Cynthia Sadowski

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