Kourabiedes are traditional Greek butter cookies served mainly at Christmas. In my opinion, these cookies are the best thing to come from my Greek culture. Although they are mainly served around Christmas time, me and my grandmother like to make them for other occasions because of my family’s love for these cookies. I have made these cookies every Christmas with my yiayia (grandmother) for as long as I can remember. These cookies hold a special value to me because they will forever remind me of the bond that I have with my grandmother. It is the best feeling when you open the oven, the hot air hits you in the face along with the delicious aroma of the cookies and all you can do is smile. Not only was the process of baking them amazing but also the part when you get to top them all off with a heap of powdered sugar as well. With Christmas right around the corner I thought it was the best thing to talk about in my story. I can almost smell the aroma of the cookies right now as I am typing and I just can’t wait. I also love to wrap some up and hand them to some of my most beloved teachers as well as neighbors to brighten their holiday. Christmas would not be Christmas without these cookies. Ultimately, these cookies are significant in my life because of the memories they take along with them. Making these cookies is something I share with my grandmother and something I would hope to share with my children and grandchildren.

– Tatiana Filacouris

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