Korean Baby Clothes

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Relationship: Child of im/migrant

My object is my mother's baby clothes that she wore when she immigrated to america. It comes from South Korea. It's a bonnet and a tassel piece, but the tassal is the most important to me. It is pink, white,yellow,green and orange and it has 2 butterflies on the top. I consider the whole set of clothes to be a symbol of Korea. The bonnet is pink,tan,purple and red, my mother wore this on her head as she traveled. 

The history behind it is my mom wore it when she has weeks old, she wore the clothes when she was immigrating to the U.S.A . It's very important to my culture because it symbolizes my mother's immigration, and without her immigration I would not be here and I would be living in a whole new country I wouldn't look the same, go to the same school where the same stuff and eat the same stuff.

This object is important to my family because it symbolizes my Korean heritage the clothes and designs and colors all connect to my heritage. Another thing that connects to my culture about the clothes is the fabric it's a really silky fabric that always reminds me of Korea when I touch it. The butterfly tassel was sent with her, and it is like a symbol of Korea that was sent to a whole different country. And I treasure that symbol. If she had not came here wouldn't be like I am right now I might not be mixed which is a special part of me.

Year: 1971

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Relationship:  Child of im/migrant Child of im/migrant