Tennessee Necklace

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Silver Tennessee Necklace
Silver Tennessee Necklace

"Spread your wings, but never forget your roots" is something my mother has always told me. Despite her own restrictions and difficulties in life, she has paved the way for me to have every opportunity that I possibly could in life. As a single mom she went above and beyond to help me achieve anything I set my mind to. My mom has always wanted me to go and experience the world while keeping in mind that I can always come home. This necklace is symbolic of all of that. It's a silver necklace with a Tennessee state pendant. Before I came to college, my mom gave it to me so that I had a small piece of home close to my heart. My entire family has done lots of different things that have taken them all over the world, but one thing that has never changed is the connection that they have to coming home. We all stay rooted in where we came from and the people who helped support us along the way. It's the stories of my family members, especially my mother, that I carry symbolically with this necklace. Having it with me makes me know that no matter where I go in life, I have something worth going back home for.

Place(s): Tennessee

– Allie Boatman

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