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Relationship: Im/migrant

A Generational Ring In my country turning fifteen years old is a huge event for girls. When you get to this age it means your childhood is over. April 18th, 2006 was my great day. I had always dreamed about dressing up like a princess and having a party. My family made my dream come true. That day was magical and I received many presents.  My favorite and most valuable gift was a gold ring given to me by my grandmother. It was so beautiful and different. I had never seen a ring so unique. Because, to me, it looks like a basket or a fan. Even today I’m still unable to define its exact shape. It also has two pearls in the middle. They aren't real but it is still special to me, because it belonged to my great grandmother, and it has been in my family for generations. I always wear the ring with pride because it reminds me my grandmother's unconditional love. It brings me strength and I look forward to the special day that I can continue this family tradition and give it to my own daughter.

Year: 2016

– Diana Lilian Pedrera Rojas

Relationship:  Im/migrant Im/migrant